WATCH: Republican Braun puts out video after Donnelly announces ‘no’ Kavanaugh vote

Democrat Joe Donnelly really shot himself in the foot Friday. He released a statement saying, that based on absolutely no corroboration, he would be voting ‘no’ on Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the Supreme Court.


Donnelly is one of a handful of red state Democrats up for reelection this year. Even before stating his intention to vote against Kavanaugh, he was locked in a tight race with the Republican, businessman Mike Braun.

One of the biggest knocks against Indiana’s Democratic senator was that on big, pressing matters he likes to vote with Chuck Schumer and the liberal leaders of his party. For instance, Donnelly voted for Obamacare, against President Trump’s tax reform plan and for Obama’s Iran Nuclear Deal. Now, add Donnelly’s intention to vote against Kavanaugh and well, he should probably begin updating that LinkedIn profile.

As expected and rightfully so, Braun is taking advantage of Donnelly’s intended vote.

Check out Braun’s statement:

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