SNL, Matt Damon mock Kavanaugh, Republicans in opening skit

Saturday Night Live is not a fan of Republicans. From Alec Baldwin’s cartoonish portrayal of President Donald Trump to Colin Jost and Michael Che’s constant and consistently unfunny jokes about anything Republican, they’ve made their dislike of conservatives abundantly clear. Now, anyone with half a brain knew exactly how SNL would open their show and they did not disappoint.

In totally predictable fashion, this week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing and Judge Brett Kavanaugh specifically were the subject of SNL’s derision in their opening skit. In a surprise appearance, Matt Damon played Kavanaugh.

There were jokes about Kavanaugh’s angry demeanor, his love of beer, and chugging water during the hearing. SNL also took shots at Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham. Was the skit funny? Yeah, but like most SNL skits it went on way too long and they just repeated things over and over. But the biggest problem with it was the total absence of jokes at Democrats.

Feinstein was in the skit, but there was no mention of her turning around and asking an aide during the hearing whether she leaked the letter. Would’ve been an easy joke, right? Also, why didn’t SNL go after Ford’s high-pitched, voice or the fact that she couldn’t keep her hair out of her face? There was plenty of material to work with. They could’ve mocked Democrats and even Ford without being accused of victim shaming, but SNL obviously didn’t want to do so.

Check out SNL’s opening skit:

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