Feminist writer has some advice for women


The Kavanaugh circus has driven the liberal feminist women to a breaking point. They want you to believe all women – never mind that in America people are innocent until proven guilty. Due process doesn’t apply in sexual assault or rape cases because women never lie about those things, right?

Jill Filipovic, a feminist writer, has some advice for women married to Republican men. Divorce them.

She then went on to say that Republican men don’t deserve a female partner if they support a political party that mistreats women.


Not sure why she thinks sexual assault and misogyny are partisan issues and only pertain to one political party. Isn’t she forgetting Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner or even Cory Booker – just to name a few?

She’s also forgetting there are LOTS of Republican women out here too.

People responded that they’re in marriage with mixed political views but they’re adults and can respectfully agree to disagree.


She then went on to complain about being harassed because of the tweet and asked her followers to report inappropriate responses.

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