Kavanaugh finishes testimony, Senate Judiciary Committee set to vote Friday morning

At approximately 6:45 p.m., the Senate Judiciary Committee wrapped up their marathon, all day hearing, listening to testimony from Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Professor Christine Blasey Ford.

Both gave their testimony on the allegations that Kavanaugh supposedly sexually assaulted Ford 36 years ago, when she was a 15-year-old and Kavanaugh was 17. At times, as expected, there was raw emotion – near tears and vivid, visceral anger on both sides.

Senators on both sides acknowledged the unpleasant process for both Dr. Ford, Judge Kavanaugh and their families. However, it was a process entirely of the Democrats doing. They are so vehemently and 100 percent against putting Judge Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court of the United States that they leaked what was supposed to be a confidential letter to the press. Think about that for a second: The Democrats, who like to call themselves the party of and/or for women, used a women as a pawn in order to keep an obviously qualified man off the court. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

Now, the Senate Judiciary Committee is set to vote Friday morning, with the vote scheduled around 9:30. The committee is comprised of 21 members of the senate – 10 Democrats and 11 Republicans. However, likely the votes, at least on the committee will come down to two Republicans – Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse.

Then after passing committee the real guessing game begins. How will a handful of senators, both Republican and Democrat vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation? The most obvious two are Republicans, Maine Senator Susan Collins and Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski. Also, something to watch will be the votes of red state Democrats. Joe Donnelly of Indiana, Missouri’s Claire McCaskill, West Virginia Joe Manchin all will be watched.

The entire process, whether you’re for or against Kavanaugh’s nomination, has been talked about and rehashed 24/7 on the airwaves and online. To finally see a light to the end of this tawdry episode is a welcomed sign.

Finally, the big question: Will Kavanaugh get confirmed? By the slimiest of margins, I believe that yes, Kavanaugh will confirmed and become the next justice on the Supreme Court of the United States.

Oh yeah, get ready because in just a few weeks, we get to do a highly political process again. Elections are Nov. 6.

Check out Kavanaugh’s passionate and at times angry opening remarks at Thursday’s hearing:

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