Christine Blasey Ford has finished testifying

We’re halfway through the hearing today where Brett Kavanaugh’s first accuser Christine Blasey Ford just finished testifying. Here are a few take-away’s from the morning and afternoon.

-The format was terrible. Five minutes for Democrat Senators to blabber on about how Ford is a true American patriot and then five minutes for Rachel Mitchell to ask her more questions.

-Ford was visibly upset. She said under oath that she was 100% sure Kavanaugh was the one who assaulted her.

-She wanted to remain anonymous but Senate Democrats outed her. She also says she told them about her allegations BEFORE he was nominated. So if that’s true, they sat on that information for far too long.

-The story changed quite a bit and her memory of almost everything except the actual incident was quite bad. She doesn’t remember where or when it happened, how she got to the party, how she got home, if there were more people there than originally stated, or what day she took the polygraph test. She also can’t recall exactly what she told the Washington Post or if they saw her therapist’s notes.

-Her reasoning behind her lifelong friend Leland Keyser not confirming her story is that “she has health problems.”

– A LOT of time was spent on who paid for the polygraph, who recommended the person who administered the polygraph, where it was taken and when.

-It was obvious that the fear of flying was a lie from her legal team and they did a poor job of covering it up. Definitely nothing more than a delay tactic.

-We really learned nothing new. No new evidence was presented.

Kavanaugh will go once the 45 minute recess has finished. Bottom line, he needs to appear sincere because based on her testimony, she does not come across as a liar, only that her memories are missing or repressed. That could sway some of the GOP who were on the fence when it comes time for a vote.



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  1. Ford should probably have just declined to answer the question about her friend’s motives. It would have been reasonable to do so, and no answer would have been better than a weak answer.

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