Republican Mike Braun picks up endorsements of U.S. Chamber of Commerce, NRA

Republican Mike Braun and Democrat Joe Donnelly are still running neck-and-neck in the race for Senate in Indiana.  The latest poll has Donnelly leading Braun by three percentage points, with an 2.5 point margin of error. Basically, it’s tied.

When a race is statistically a dead heat like the one between Braun and Donnelly, it’s all about who gets their supporters out to the polls, who is the more motivated to support their candidate. Campaigns can and do use many different tactics to excite their voters – rallies, meet and greets with the candidates, and other various GOTV (Get Out The Vote) efforts. One way candidates and campaigns can attempt to infuse excitement is by stressing and publicizing what organizations endorse them.

Well, this week Republican Mike Braun picked up the endorsements of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Rifle Association.

With Braun being both a Republican and a small business owner, neither endorsement is truly that surprising. However, it’s always nice to throw around endorsements if you’re a candidate, and Braun and his campaign have two more they can now tout.


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