Weight Watchers changes their name to the more politically correct ‘WW’

Weight Watchers is ditching the “weight” in favor of a more “aspirational term of wellnes'” and the overall goal of the company is no longer fat loss but overall wellness instead.

The new name, simply WW, won’t focus on weigh-ins and diet culture.  WW’s CEO Mindy Grossman said “will never abdicate our leadership in healthy, nutritious weight loss,” its move towards wellness is an effort to help customers build “healthy habits to make the right choices to lead to whatever healthier life you want.”


This comes at a time when health and obesity are under scrutiny and many are saying that you can be both obese and healthy

Over the past year, their stock has seen 170% jump and they’ve added celebrities like Oprah, DJ Kalid and Jennifer Hudson, so their name didn’t seem to be hurting them, although some people think they built their name on “fat shaming.”

It’s normal for companies to change with the times – after all to stay relevant, you also have to keep your marketing fresh – but there’s definitely some underlying political correctness with this move.

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