Second Kavanaugh accuser has no interest in testifying

Here we go again…

The woman who came forward a few days ago has released a statement through her lawyers saying she has no interest in testifying. In fact, the exact words were “if you want our statement, read the New Yorker.”


If you drop an accusation that’s shaky to begin with anyway, then refuse to even discuss it further, well, that definitely looks like a smear campaign to thwart the confirmation.

Sens. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski still want to hear from all of them though, so who knows how they’ll vote if they haven’t testified – and at this point, it’s looking like Christine Blasey Ford may not even make it on Thursday like she said she would.

Apparently her lawyers aren’t happy about the outside counsel that Sen. Chuck Grassley has hired and want to see her resume.

And let’s not forget Michael Avenatti still has that third woman that might come forward in the next 48 hours…

What a circus.

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