NARAL tweets Kavanaugh ‘credibly accused,’ Twitter responds accordingly

NARAL is a leftist group deeply committed to killing the unborn. On Twitter they describe themselves as “NARAL Pro-Choice America fights to protect & expand reproductive freedom for all. Leading the fight to , Trump’s anti-choice nominee.”

As they openly display in their Twitter bio, the group is no fan of Judge Brett Kavanaugh. You see, if Kavanaugh would get on the Supreme Court, that could possibly be bad for NARAL’s business, which is killing children and advocating for the murder of the innocent. So, naturally one would expect such a group to be active during the Kavanaugh hearings, confirmation process, but one wouldn’t expect such an idiotic message posted to Twitter. They posted:

Senate Republicans are being crystal clear about their intentions: they don’t give a damn about survivors. They’re more than willing to confirm a man credibly accused of sexual assault to the highest court in the land.

First of all, are we really sure NARAL should be using the word “survivor” in the first place? Successful abortions don’t generally result in many survivors. However, they proceed to say that Kavanaugh has been “credibly accused.” Whatever dictionary these people use must be drastically different than the one most people use.  Many Twitters apparently felt the same way as they responded accordingly, letting the abortion advocate know.

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