Fan of ‘The Office?’ Here’s how you can own actual pieces from the show

“The Office” is a classic show. Its such a well written, quotable show with easily identifiable, lovable characters. It’s one of those special shows that only gets better with each viewing. While the show may have ended after nine seasons (lasted two seasons too long), you can now ownย actual parts of the show.

For whatever reason, NBC has put up a number of items online for fans to bid on. The unique auction goes for 10 days, lasting until Oct. 5.

There are pages and pages of items from the show. “The Secret” script, Michael’s swivel chair, Dwight’s nunchucks, the actual glass door to the office, Creed’s keyboard and Pam’s staple remover are just a few of the many items up for bid.

Go ahead and check it outย ย and then turn on Netflix and binge what is, in my opinion, the greatest show ever conceived, “The Office.”

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