Even ice cream is getting political

Now you can’t even enjoy a nice bowl of ice cream without politics coming into play.

Thanks to the founders of Ben & Jerry’s, you can now get your ice cream with a scoop of progressive.¬†They have teamed up with Political Action Committee MoveOn in order to create special flavors of ice cream for seven candidates they deem as “progressive.”

In a statement, the put out by the ice cream makers on MoveOn’s website they said:

“We need to come up with seven amazing ice cream flavors (and flavor names) that not only taste great but also capture the essence of what each candidate stands for.”

Flavors of ice cream that “captures the essence of what each candidate stands for?” Ok, sure.

Anyway, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are asking fans to submit their suggestions, which they will select and make. Only one batch of each of the seven winners will be made and then raffled off with that money going to one of the seven candidates.

Whatever floats your boat, I guess, but I prefer my ice cream without all the politics.

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