This just in: Christine Blasey Ford wants another day to decide on testimony

This is getting really ridiculous. The 10 p.m deadline has passed for Christine Blasey Ford to make up her mind about whether Wednesday will work for her testimony.

And…she says she wants another day to think about the terms they’ve laid out for her.

Her attorney is saying the deadline is “aggressive” and it’s creating anxiety and stress on the doctor.

If I was on the Senate Judiciary Committee, I’d say “too bad, so sad.” Time’s up, lady. If you’ve got something to say, get on a plane, be in Washington or have someone come to you and tell your story.

You’d think if Kavanaugh really did sexually assault her, the LAST thing she’d want is for him to get confirmed.

If you weren’t convinced this was just a stall tactic, then you should be by now.

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