Braun campaign goes after Donnelly in new ad ‘Downhill’

There is a lot riding on the Indiana Senate race between Republican Mike Braun and Democrat Joe Donnelly. It could very well help determine what party controls the United States Senate. Understanding the stakes, the Braun campaign has released their sharpest ad yet, going after the record of Joe Donnelly.

The ad paints Donnelly as out of touch with Hoosiers, voting instead with the likes of Nancy Pelsoi and Chuck Schumer. The ad brings up his vote for the Obama adminstration’s Iran Nuclear deal, Obamacare and against President Trump’s tax deal.

While the ad may be harsh, it’s certainly true and likely, it’s the type of ad most Indiana Republicans would’ve liked to have seen from the Braun campaign the entire time. Let’s face it, those votes by Donnelly should do him in and that ad should be on constantly. Donnelly hasn’t been forced to explain any of those votes yet. Perhaps, this is a pivot to a more aggressive strategy from Braun and his campaign.

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