Alec Baldwin to return to SNL as Trump

Since its inception way back in 1977, Saturday Night Live has lampooned every President of the United States of America. Chevy Chase, Phil Hartman, Daryl Hammond and Will Ferrell are just a few of the many SNL cast members who have portrayed the man occupying the Oval Office at any given time.

While the man who played President Trump is not a full time cast member, Alec Baldwin has received high praise for his performance. It’s likely that how you feel about Baldwin playing Trump falls along partisan lines. Baldwin is certainly not a fan of the president and doesn’t try to hide that fact, but while not consistently funny as Trump, he does have his hilarious moments from time to time.

Well, get prepared for more from Baldwin this season on SNL because it was recently announced he’ll be returning to lampoon the commander-in-chief. Every season of SNL has its hits and misses, some skits that are absolutely hilarious and others that are absurd and go on and on, feeling as if they will never end. Here’s hoping that SNL has more hits than misses this season.

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