Michelle Malkin responds to Hollywood’s anti-Kavanaugh ad: ‘Don’t just believe women because they’re women, believe evidence’

Recently, Hollywood told us in a surprisingly terrible ad that we must believe Ms. Ford’s allegations against Brett Kavanuagh because, well because she’s a woman. Simply due to the fact that Ford says Kavanaugh assaulted her that’s enough to convict. To the likes of Julianne Moore and Marisa Tomei, Kavanaugh must not be confirmed.

In the ad above, no evidence of guilt is provided. Again, it’s simple enough to believe the woman because she is a woman. This of course is an absurd idea, right and wrong is not dependent on the sex of the accuser and the accused. It never has been and as much as Hollywood wants it to be, it’s still not that way, at least not yet.

CRTV’s Michelle Malkin had an excellent response to the video put out by the Hollywood starlets. She suggests, get this, that guilt should actually be determined on the facts. An absolutely refreshing and startlingly idea.

Check out her comments below, it’s more than worth a view:

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