Performing at halftime of the Super Bowl will be….

Besides the game, the biggest thing surrounding the Super Bowl is the halftime entertainment. And we now know who be playing at Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta: Maroon 5.


Really? Was Taylor Swift or literally anybody else not available?

Maroon 5 is ok, but they’ve become nothing more than a radio group. Everything they produce essentially sounds the same.¬†For the last several years, it’s been pretty easily to pick out a Maroon 5 song. It’s usually the most generic sound imaginable.

In addition to their massive popularity, another big reason Maroon 5 was selected had to be that they are a relatively safe choice. Except for a few curse words here and there in their lyrics, they are just like every other pop group. The NFL doesn’t have to worry about any Janet Jackson-Justin Timberlake type antics with this band.

No, instead Adam Levine will sing a medley of all the songs about loving/missing/wanting to be with this girl and that girl. They’ll be a few surprise appearances probably from the likes of Cardi B or Christina Aguilera, somebody like that. Likely, won’t be anything memorable, much like Timberlake’s performance at last year’s Super Bowl.

Oh, well here’s hoping that game is a classic because from the looks of it, the halftime show won’t be.



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