Mike Braun campaign puts out new ad on healthcare

Republican Mike Braun and Democrat Joe Donnelly are locked in a tight race to become Indiana’s next senator.

No matter what poll you look at, the candidates are in a virtual dead heat, now less than two months from Election Day. One poll put out today by the Indianapolis Star shows Donnelly and Braun basically tied among older Hoosiers. According to the poll, 38 percent of those Hoosiers 50 and older say they will vote for Donnelly while 35 percent of those surveyed are throwing their support behind Braun.

This Braun and Donnelly race looks to be one that will come down to the wire, likely decided by single digits. Knowing how incredibly tight the race is, Braun’s campaign just released a new ad on a subject that is sure to get a lot of attention mainly because of its subject matter: healthcare.

In the ad Braun touts his experience with healthcare, as in that he didn’t wait on the government, but instead provided it for his employees as a small business owner. While healthcare is an important subject, on the minds of many voters, the ad is so dull and boring that in just a matter of seconds, you’ve already quite listening. That’s a major problem considering the entire ad is just 30 seconds.

Check out the Braun campaign’s latest ad below:



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