Guidance counselor suspended from her job at an Indianapolis Catholic school for her un-Biblical marriage appears on Ellen

If you don’t live in Indiana, you’ve probably missed the biggest, most controversial story in the Hoosier state these past few months. A Roncalli guidance counselor, Shelly Fitzgerald, was asked to resign for violating her employment contract when the Indianapolis Archdiocese found out about her same sex marriage.

Hysteria ensued. Students, parents and a good number of people who didn’t attend the school were outraged over the discrimination. The football team wore pride bracelets to their games and students draped themselves in rainbow flags.

Yesterday, Fitzgerald appeared on the Ellen show and says the school “outed” her and she doesn’t want to leave the job she loves. A group of students also joined her – a surprise from Ellen – and expressed how much of an impact Fitzgerald has had on their lives.

That’s all good and well, and maybe Fitzgerald is an excellent guidance counselor but the glaring oversight here is  what the media ISN’T focusing on – for years, Fitzgerald lied to the school about her marriage.

She says she married her partner four years ago, but they’ve actually been in a relationship for over twenty. In her contract, which comes up for renewal each year, the Catholic school requires employees to sign a contract in which they agree to uphold the values of the Catholic church, including marriage “between a man and a woman.” 

Fitzgerald knew this, yet kept signing a contract with the school year after year, outright lying to them and to God.

If the school fires her, they have every right to do so because she breached that contract, no matter how discriminatory people find it.




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