New Jersey Sen. Bob Menendez likely going to regret this tweet

Hey everybody, meet Bob.  Bob is a Democratic senator from New Jersey.  Bob, being a self-righteous elected official from the Garden State, felt it necessary to make his feelings known on the Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault accusations.

Bob feels because of the “disturbing, credible allegations of sexual assault” against Judge Brett Kavanaugh the vote should be delayed. That’s a perfectly fine position to take, but what Bob doesn’t tell you or want you to know about are about past sexual assault allegations against him.

You see, Bob himself was accused of having sex with underage hookers in the Dominican Republic. These allegations stem from 2012 when an anonymous source sent a Washington-based ethics group a video of three young underage prostitutes claiming to have had sex with Bob and his buddy, and co-defendant Salomon Melgen.

Bob was ultimately charged with bribery and corruption charges for having accepted bribes from Dr. Salomon Meglen in exchange for “political favors.”  Part of those brides are thought to have included the use of his private plane in order to head down to the Dominican Republic where the sex with the underage prostitutes reportedly occurred.

Bob actually went to trial, an 11-week ordeal, which ended in a hung jury where the charges were ultimately dismissed. Now, whether Bob was actually convicted should not be an issue. That’s not the standard Bob is using when asking to delay the vote on Kavanaugh. Throughout his entire trial Bob refused to step down despite the serious allegations.

Kavanaugh is merely being accused of sexual assault, for something 30 years ago.  He has not been charged. Bob was charged, went through an entire trial and still refused to step down. I’m not saying the allegations against Kavanaugh shouldn’t be heard, but what I am saying is that the Democrats have to have a better person speak out on this issue then Bob Menendez. The head of his communications team should be fired for even thinking it made sense or was even mildly appropriate for Bob to speak out on such things.

Bob Menendez speaking out about sexual assault allegations is like asking Charlie Rangel or Al Sharpton for tax preparation help, it just doesn’t make any sense.

Whatever you do, just remember don’t be like Bob.

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