Maine Sen. Susan Collins on Kavanaugh allegations: ‘Awful lot of questions, inconsistencies and gaps’

When it comes to needing all or most Republicans votes in order to pass something in the U.S. Senate, Maine Senator Susan Collins is usually wild card. This is especially true when it comes to confirming President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanuagh.

Originally, Collins appeared to a “no” vote when it came to Kavanaugh, but a number of public statements seemed to be indicating that she was leaning towards voting in the affirmative.

Collins doesn’t appear to have necessarily changed her mind on Kavanaugh since the allegations, but wants to hear everybody out.  On Monday afternoon, Collins told reporters that “there are an awful lot of questions, inconsistencies, gaps and that’s why to be fair to be, we need to know what happened.” Seems like a completely logical response, right? Well, liberal and logic don’t mix. leftists have been losing their mind, think that Collins should change her mind just based solely on the fact that a woman is accusing Kavanaugh of sexual assault 30 years ago.

Check out some of the unhinged responses:


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