Actor Sean Penn is not a fan of the #MeToo movement

Actor Sean Penn says that #MeToo is “too black and white,” claiming there isn’t enough nuanced to the movement.  The famously liberal Penn made his shocking comments on “The Today Show” Monday.

Penn was originally on to discuss his new Hulu show, “The First,” but the conversation quickly turned to the movement because the interview, Natalie Morales, asked if the show was influenced by the #MeToo movement because…it’s a show…that came out during #MeToo?

He went on to say that movement’s aim is to divided men and women, saying that the movement was founded largely on “the receptacle of the salacious.” Morales questions him on that phrasing and he explains that often times in those cases we don’t know what is and isn’t a fact.

Making such comments isn’t likely to garner him much praise from or make him real popular with the Hollywood community. But hey, most of them provided cover for someone like a Harvey Weinstein for decades so to feign outrage when someone questions #MeToo is a little ironic and hypocritical. Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see what Hulu does with Penn’s new program. Will they pull it or slowly let it die and not give it a second season?

Check out Penn’s interview with The Today Show:


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