WATCH: Jake Tapper asks Ocasio-Cortez how to fund her policies, she makes it clear she has no idea

New York Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants the government to give citizens everything simply because they exist. Some of her proposals include Medicare for all, free college, paid family leave and Social Security expansion. Ocasio-Cortez has been pretty upfront about these policy items, what she hasn’t been so forthcoming about is how to actually pay for all of these ideas.

The Democratic-socialist went on CNN’s State of The Union with Jake Sunday morning where Tapper asked the New York candidate how she plans to pay for everything. Tapper cites a study saying that what she is proposing will ultimately cost more than $40 trillion. He also mentions the tax increases she has put forth will only amount to $2 trillion, making a difference of $38 trillion.

Of course, any sane person would want to know where is the rest of that money going to come from. Tapper asks Ocasio-Cortez to which she blabs on and on and on without ever giving an answer. In fact, he asks her twice and it soon becomes clear the socialist has absolutely no idea.

Check out her disastrous interview below:


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