NFL player Vontae Davis retires at halftime of loss to Chargers

Play until the clock reads zero. It’s not over until the fat lady sings. Just keep swimming. And a bunch of other sport cliches that mean keep going, playing until the game is over.

According to several reports, it appears that Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis had never heard of those cliches. That’s because Davis retired…during halftime of the Bills loss to the Chargers Sunday afternoon. The Bills were losing 28-6 to the Chargers at halftime when Davis decided that he’d had enough. He then proceeded to change clothes and left the stadium.

The former Colt and Dolphin signed a one-year deal $3.5 million deal with the Bills in the offseason.  To be fair to Davis, he was playing for the Bills and maybe he suddenly realized was playing in the same division as the Patriots. But seriously, for someone to retire at the middle of a game is unheard of. He better be serious about his retirement from the NFL because no team will be signing him after pulling this kind of stunt.

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