Indiana woman creates her own ‘Mike Braun for Senate’ ad

Complaining about politicians is something most people do. Whether it’s a particular politician’s complete inaction on an issue we’re passionate about or implementing a policy that appears to be wrong or casting a vote we’re totally opposed to, complaining is as much action as most people are willing to make.

Sure, most will turn on Fox News, talk radio or visit their favorite political website to get the news of the day.  But when it comes to campaign season, the time when ousting the incumbent is a real possibility, most of those perpetually outraged voters/citizens are nowhere to be found. Having worked on two campaigns – a senatorial and a congressional, I know how this plays out all too well. Yeah, they’ll place a candidate’s yard sign in their front lawn, but anything else is just asking too much.

Well, one Mike Braun and President Donald Trump supporter went the extra mile and made her own “Mike Braun for Senate” ad:

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