WATCH: ‘South Park’ launches #CancelSouthPark campaign

On Sept. 26 South Park‘s 22nd is set to begin. Throughout the show’s run they have taken on anyone and everyone relentlessly which is a big reason why the program has lasted more than two decades.

On Thursday, a teaser trailer for the upcoming season was released.  It’s only 15 seconds, but it’s extremely telling of where this season is heading…or maybe not. You can never be sure in what direction, point of view, or point the show is going to make – another reason why the show had been able to stay fresh and current.

Anyway, the creators of South Park apparently want to quit making the show… with their #CancelSouthPark campaign.  Highly unlikely, but it looks like the show may be looking to take aim at another campaign…perhaps …it couldn’t be, couldn’t it?…#MeToo. Jimmy Fallon better get ready!

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