Kathy Griffin asks why she doesn’t have Netflix show and Twitter is happy to answer her

Kathy Griffin is a comedian who has been around forever, but I couldn’t really name anything she’s been in. I think she had a very small cameo in Pulp Fiction when she was first coming up.  Also, let’s not forget Griffin is also the woman who posed with what was supposed to look like the decapitated head of Donald Trump and then had the gall to actually play the victim, claiming that President Trump and his family had ruined her and her career.

Well, now instead of posing with horrific photos, the comedienne is whining about not having a Netflix show. She’s even claiming that since she’s a female without a comedy show on the streaming service, there just has to be double standard.

So, she made the terrific decision to take her complaint to Twitter and users were more than happy to answer her.


A Daily Wire host, Michael Knowles, even took some time to answer her, but Ms. Griffin didn’t care for his response.

When you don’t get what you want, just play the victim or just insult those who don’t find those your brand of comedy funny, sounds like a winning strategy!

Hopefully, those sexist Netflix executives are paying attention or…uh…Kathy will continue to tweet about you!

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