Help Wanted: Warner Bros., DC looking for new Superman

Big news on the movie front today: DC and Warner Bros. are soon to be on the hunt for the next man of steel. This comes after Henry Cavill and Warner Bros. couldn’t come to an agreement on a Superman cameo in the forthcoming “Shazam!” flick.

Cavill portrayed Clark Kent/Superman in three different films, all three of which weren’t well received by critics or fans. Personally, this isn’s a big loss for anyone. The DC Universe has been struggling to even come close to reaching the success of the Marvel films and this just gives DC the opportunity to start over.

Plus, given the fact that Cavill is a terrible actor, you gotta believe DC and Warner Bros. are the real winners here. Seriously, did you catch him in Mission Impossible: Fallout? The man sounded as if he was reading right off a script that he was given mere minutes before the cameras started rolling.

Next, the British actor is set to appear in Nomis, an action/thriller with Ben Kingsley and Stanley Tucci.

DC will give it one more try to get it right before the end of the year with Aquaman.   But given how horribly cheesy the trailer looks, the hopes are not high.

Check out the Aquaman trailer:

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