Ron DeSantis goes on all in on Fl. gubernatorial run, resigns from Congress

Ron DeSantis is Florida’s GOP nominee for governor. He’s also a sitting congressman or at least he was until today.

No, he didn’t pull an Al Franken and resign from office in disgrace, he gave up his day jobĀ  in order to focus on running for governor of Florida.

DeSantis is in a tough fight for the governorship of the sunshine state. He’s challenging Democrat Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum.

In announcing his resignation from Congress, DeSantis released a statement saying in part:

“As the Republican nominee for Governor of Florid, it is clear to me that I will likely miss the majority of our remaining session days in Congress. Under these circumstances, it would be highly inappropriate for me to take a salary. In order to honor my principles and protect the taxpayer, I officially resign from the House of Representatives effective immediately.”

Pretty refreshing move and statement, if you ask me. So often we have elected officials who consistently miss vote after vote doing this or that all the while they remain in office. While Congress may not be where his priorities lay, at least the man knew enough to step away and pick one or the other.

Now, will the man win? Who knows, Florida has a checkered past when it comes to voting, perhaps too much sun and Disney characters?



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