By funding Planned Parenthood, Republicans are in essence funding Democrats running against them

We’ve heard it time and time again during election cycles: the Republicans are going to defund Planned Parenthood. Paul Ryan said it. President Trump ran on it. Earlier this year, a small step was taken to eliminate funding through Title X, but the abortion giant still largely remains funded through a spending bill that passed earlier this spring.

So why is it that the GOP, the self proclaimed party of life, can’t keep that campaign promise? Do they not realize that by continuing to fund Planned Parenthood that not only are they guilty of funding the murders of innocent children, that they are also funding Democratic challengers in the mid-term elections?

That’s right. Planned Parenthood announced earlier this month that it’s ramping up efforts of its political arm to get Republicans out of office. According to USA Today, they hope to reach over 4 million voters by knocking on doors, advertising and by spending  $20 million dollars  on the mid-term elections to help the Democratic party pick up seats.

Maybe if the GOP would get their act together and defund Planned Parenthood of the $500 million in tax payer dollars they receive, they might not have so much excess cash from all the abortions they do just lying around.

Sure, they’ll tell you that no tax dollars go to fund the political arm of the organization and maybe on paper, it doesn’t. But without that federal funding, they’d need those extra dollars they’re funneling to the Democrats and it’s a pretty good bet that most of that $20 million would go to keep the doors open in their clinics.

The GOP had a real chance to make a difference. For two years, they’ve had the majority rule AND a president willing to sign anything that comes across his desk but they’ve squandered that time and it’s likely some seats will be lost in Congress come mid-term elections this fall.

If that happens, Planned Parenthood will most definitely continue to be funded and Republicans will have no one to blame but themselves for their losses.



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