Broadway star wishes for President Trump’s assassination

Many celebrities, at least the vocal ones, aren’t big fans of President Trump.  They commonly call the president such things as a liar, an idiot, unstable and many other words, typically of the four-word variety. Ironically, they throw these names around while constantly preaching about love, tolerance and acceptance. Huh? Perhaps, they ought to practice what they preach.

Anyway, I digress. At least none of theme have openly called and wished for the president’s assassination, right. Well just hold on a little bit, someone just did.

Count Broadway star Carole Cook as someone who is also not a fan of the president. However, the woman took it a step further and way over the line when she was asked about Donald Trump.

The conversation with the woman, her husband and the reporter asking about someone bringing a banner to a Frozen Broadway show then things get bad.  The woman actually says “where is John Wilkes Boothe when you need him?” 

Regardless of how you feel about someone politically, who actually wishes death upon someone? I can’t imagine the amount of hate, scorn and hostility someone must have to think such a thing, let a lone say it.

And to think this is the same crowd that constantly tells us how hateful and bigoted the middle of America is. Wow!

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