Braun campaign hits Donnelly hard, creates new ‘Sleepin’ Joe’ website

The race for Senate in Indiana is one a lot of people watching nationally. As such, there is much at stake and neither candidate has been willing to give up an inch. President Trump also understands the magnitude of the race in the Hoosier state, having already made two stops in Indiana on behalf of Braun.  More Indiana visits from the president are likely the closer we get to Nov. 6.

Both the Braun and Donnelly campaigns are making moves, trying to get each and every vote. However, this latest move by the Braun campaign may well be the most clever of the entire race, yet.

On Monday, the Braun campaign launched  It’s hilarious yet relentless in how it goes after Donnelly and his record.  Using the moniker bestowed upon Donnelly by President Trump, the Braun campaign’s new website shows Donnelly asleep on a mattress as “he dreams of ways to sell out Hoosiers.”

The website goes on to slam Donnelly, saying:

Have you spent countless nights tossing and turning because you say one thing to Hoosiers then vote the opposite in Washington? Are your weary eyes heavy with exhaustion from trying to find the principles you tossed out so long ago? Are you stricken with weak knees, spinelessness, or poor intestinal fortitude when it comes to standing up for Hoosiers? Then the Siesta Mattress is the bed for you!

There are “testimonials” from former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren.

Will the Braun campaign’s sway any votes? Maybe, but if nothing else, it’s pretty funny as it goes after Donnelly’s record.

Click here to check out the site.

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