Miss America contestant: “Trump has caused a lot of division”

The Miss America pageant was held last night and one contestant is making headlines for her comments about President Trump.

Madeline Collins, Miss West Virginia, was asked during the interview portion of the competition about what she feels is the most serious problem facing the United States today.

Her answer, “Donald Trump is the biggest issue our country faces. Unfortunately he has caused a lot of division in our country.” Collins didn’t get the chance to elaborate on why she thinks that, as responses are limited to twenty seconds.

Collins did not go on to win that portion of the evening – that went to Miss Massachusetts Gabriela Taveras. Her answer about how Americans traveling abroad should interact with people in other countries, was a little less politically charged.

“We as Americans are supporting them and that we are there to help them,” said Taveras.

The pageant isn’t over yet – a winner won’t be crowned until next Sunday night, so Miss West Virginia still has a shot at winning even though the judges didn’t seem to like her answer.

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