Mike Braun to get assist from Vice President Pence in race for Senate

Generally, a big role of the vice president is to act as the attack dog of the administration. Well, it appears Vice President is ready to do just that ahead of the November midterm elections.

According to Politico, Pence is lending a helping hand to Republican Mike Braun in the Indiana Senate race. Braun, who is looking to unseat Democrat Joe Donnelly, has already been hitting Donnelly over his vote against President Trump’s tax bill, how long it took for him to meet with Kavanaugh and voting with his more liberal colleagues in the Democratic party.  However, it appears these attacks are about to get amplified.

Pence will appear in television ads in which he paints Donnelly as out of touch, touching on his support of Planned Parenthood and failing to vote for Trump’s tax bill.

Indiana is just one of three states in which the vice president will go after Democratic senate candidates. Similar television ads will also begin running in North Dakota and Montana; places where President Trump won easily in 2016 and where red state Senate Democrats are viewed as being vulnerable.


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