Jim Carrey: ‘Trump tearing us limb from limb’

Funnyman Jim Carrey appeared on Bill Maher’s show “Real Time with Bill Maher” to plug his new Showtime series “Kidding.” But during Carrey’s appearance, and as guests on Maher’s program always do, he ventured into current events.

During the conversation, after Maher and Carrey were finished heaping adulation on one another, things turned to Trump. Carrey, who at one time, was making $20 million a film, made it abundantly clear he’s not a fan of President Trump.

Carrey proceeded to call the president a conman, a used car salesman and accused Trump of “destroying every institution that’s precious to us.” He then moved into a defense of socialism, stating that “we have to say yes to socialism,” pointing to his home country of Canada as an example. Notice, Carrey moved to America and achieved fame and fortune and apparently still lives in this country.

Likely, the most interesting part of the entire interview was when Carrey made a plea for people, everyday citizens to look past the partisan divide and achieve some common ground.

“That’s the dangerous thing about what’s going on right now. There are generations growing up right now who are learning to lie. That you’re supposed to hate half the country. And if anything, if anything, we’ve got to get back to a place where a vote is not who you are. And you know, because you vote Republican you’re not stupid, you’re not different, you’re not worthless. You know, I could break bread with anybody who voted for Trump. We could find some common ground to love each other.”

Fine. I can get behind that idea. But one has to wonder, would Carrey be making the same plea if say, Hillary Clinton was in the White House? Probably not.

Either way, it’s an interesting interview. Check out the entire interview below:

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