NFIB endorses Republican Mike Braun in Indiana Senate race

It’s that time of the campaign where organizations and people begin making endorsements of candidates.

On Friday, the National Federation of Independent Business threw their support behind Republican Mike Braun in the Indiana Senate race.

This really isn’t that big of a surprise. Braun is a business owner himself, he’s the CEO and owner of Meyer Distributing, an auto parts distributor.

Oddly enough, Braun has been hit hard for being successful and doing well for himself. Outside groups have hit him hard labeling “Millionaire Mike,” trying to portray himself as out of touch and mocking him for wearing a blue shirt.

Braun is looking to replace Democratic Senator Joe Donnelly.

Will this endorsement make any difference? Do any endorsements, – either organizations or people – change any votes? Probably not, but they do allow candidates to get mentioned in the press for something, which is likely the entire point.



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