Day 4 of the Kavanaugh hearings: woman cries because she had to pay for her own birth control

Kavanaugh’s hearings are wrapping up and today has been filled with testimonies by people either for or against his nomination.

One Indianapolis woman, who is also a minister and claims to be pro-life, began crying and urging the Senate to block Kavanaugh’s nomination because her insurance company had a religious objection and wouldn’t cover her IUD,

So they sent her a $1,200 bill.

Somehow Cory Booker thinks this is denying a woman access to birth control. If that was the case, Alicia Parker would not have gotten her IUD at all. But she did and she scraped together the money to pay for it out of pocket.

Here’s the thing about all this hysteria over birth control. MANY companies who use the religious exception objection only do so with IUDs or Plan B. It doesn’t sound like Ms. Parker needs an IUD for medical reasons, so why couldn’t she have just gone with the pill form?

And if a woman does need a form of birth control for a medical reason – if the doctor’s office codes it correctly, insurance should pay for it.

Heck, the part of Obamacare that completely covers contraceptives STILL STANDS so women can get an annual exam and their birth control completely free. So all this crying about women not having access to the Pill is just fearmongering.

There’s also condoms – have women forgotten about those?

Then there’s the obvious solution to this problem: maybe if you don’t like the benefits – or lack of benefits in this case – that your employer/insurance company provide to you, maybe go work someplace else.




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