Rand Paul urges President Trump to use lie detector test to find out who wrote op-ed

By now you’ve probably read the shocking op-ed in the New York Times. In it, a high ranking staff member claims to be part of a resistance within the Trump administration, “thwarting Mr. Trump’s more misguided impulses until he is out of office.”

People began immediately speculating who could have written the piece, with Vice President Mike Pence topping the list because the author used the word “lodestar” – a word that Pence has used multiple times over the years.

Bets are even being placed on who did it, although if no one outs themselves, it’s unclear who will win the jackpot.

But Senator Rand Paul has an idea on how to identify the rebel within the White House – use a lie detector test on them.

The Senator from Kentucky told reporters “I think it’s not unprecedented for people with security clearances to be asked to, whether or not they were revealing things against the law under oath and also by lie detector,” the Kentucky Republican said on Capitol Hill. “We use a lie detector test routinely for CIA agents and FBI agents. I think if you have a security clearance in the White House, I think it would be acceptable to use a lie detector test and ask people whether they are talking to the media against the policy of the White House.” And that “this could be very dangerous if the person who is talking to the media is actually revealing national security secrets. So, yes, I think we need to get to the bottom of it.”

Most of the cabinet members have already released statements saying it wasn’t them, but of course, they could be lying.


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