Infowars and Alex Jones aren’t getting back on Twitter…ever

Rightwing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and the person behind Infowars is a guy who enjoys attention. He’ll put out crazy stories and confront political adversaries and then put them online hoping to stir things up.

He recently went after Marco Rubio while the Florida senator was holding a press conference. Jones kept claiming that conservatives were being silenced, kept off social media platforms right here in America. Things got heated. Jones, doing his typical schtick, called the former Republican presidential candidate a “frat boy.”¬†¬†Rubio responded by telling Jones to”don’t touch me again, man.”

Well, Jones is only going to have more to complain about. On Thursday, Twitter announced the Mr. Jones and his Infowars have been permanently banned from the social media site.

Jones being removed from Twitter comes after he was taken off Spotify, Apple and Youtube and Facebook.

Jones is likely to have a response to his banishment, but I guess he won’t being using Twitter to do so.

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