Day 3 of Kavanaugh hearings delayed by Cory Booker

Day 1 and 2 got off to a rocky start and it’s not shocking that day 3 was majorly delayed by the Democrats. This time it was Senator Cory Booker throwing a fit and threatening to violate Senate rules to release some confidential documents.

We get it. You’re mad about the nominee and want Merrick Garland instead.

Senator John Cornyn had had enough of the childish behavior and told Booker: “Running for president is no excuse for violating the rules.”

Then Chuck Schumer jumps in later in the day and says that “There is no legal, ethical or judicial reason for judge Kavanaugh to avoid directly answering these questions.”

“Can’t talk about specific cases, can’t talk about general situations. He’s ducking, he’s hiding.”

All the drama is getting really old, guys (and gals). Let’s act like adults and actually get something accomplished with these hearings instead of staging protests, grandstanding and trying to ask questions you know good and well the judge can’t answer.



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