What Happened: Hillary Clinton delays walk in woods, tweets storm during Kavanaugh hearing

To the left killing the unborn is sacred. Try and put limits on abortion in absolutely any way and watch as the pitch forks, pussy hats, come out as cries of sexism and screeching about dragging women back into the 1950s begin.

Again, abortion to the left is much like oxygen. It’s needed to survive, well the women who have already been born need it to continue living. The left is ironic in that way, huh? But it’s true. Just look at Hillary “I’ll never be President of the United States” Clinton. The not present or future President of the United States went on a tear, sending out message after message of how Brett Kavanaugh is just going to destroy America, somehow send us back to the 1950s, and I believe she even hinted that he secretly wants to put women in cages!

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