VIDEO: Nike releases first ad featuring Colin Kaepernick

If you haven’t already heard, Nike has selected Colin Kaepernick as the star of their next ad campaign. Kaepernick’s pick as the face of the sports-oriented brand is rather odd. You see, Kaepernick hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL since 2017 when he opted out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers. Since then Kaepernick has become an extremely polarizing figure.

The selection of the controversial figure had everyone either cheering or booing. Some felt it necessary to even burn their Nike gear. Which is insane, but hey it’s America and you have the right to be an idiot.

But getting back to Nike and Kaepernick, the first ad, which the former 49er provides the voiceover for, talks about being the best in whatever you do. Video plays showing extraordinary athletes, the best in their profession, achieving excellence and overcoming odds. Kaepernick, while not being a current athlete, never was the best in his profession while playing. The man was benched. He lost his job and then he took a chance and decided to give up millions in guaranteed money.

Regardless, I couldn’t care less that Nike picked Kaepernick as their newest spokesperson. It’s not going to affect what clothes, shoes or any other sports gear that I buy. And I’m certainly not going to boycott Nike. Boycotts don’t work, just ask Chick-fil-A and In-N-Out Burger. Nor am I going to burn my stuff.

Either way, here’s the first ad from Nike featuring Colin Kaepernick.


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