Braun campaign’s new ad puts spotlight on candidate’s wife

Republican Mike Braun is running to unseat Democrat Joe Donnelly for Senate in Indiana. The attack ads from both sides have been flying fast and furious. But sometimes, it’s nice to change things up a bit, you add a little positivity. Well, with the Braun campaign’s latest ad, we get that change of pace.

The ad entitled “Jasper” shines the spotlight on the candidate’s wife, Maureen.

In the new 30 second spot, she talks about their lives together, starting up a business of her own together, how how after Mike graduated from business school, they decided to come on back to Jasper, Indiana.

It may not be the most effective ad in the world, but it’s one that every candidate that has ever run for office has done. Anyway, check out the Braun campaign’s latest ad below:


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