VIDEO: Nike releases first ad featuring Colin Kaepernick

If you haven’t already heard, Nike has selected Colin Kaepernick as the star of their next ad campaign. Kaepernick’s pick as the face of the sports-oriented brand is rather odd. You see, Kaepernick hasn’t taken […]

NYT publishes anonymous op-ed from high-ranking Trump official ‘working to thwart Trump’s agenda’

President Trump isn’t going to be happy when he hears about this. President Trump is going to set Twitter on fire after he reads this latest piece full of criticism from someone within his own […]

What Happened: Hillary Clinton delays walk in woods, tweets storm during Kavanaugh hearing

To the left killing the unborn is sacred. Try and put limits on abortion in absolutely any way and watch as the pitch forks, pussy hats, come out as cries of sexism and screeching about […]