WATCH: Monica Lewinsky abruptly leaves the stage during interview

From time to time, Monica Lewinsky resurfaces. And when she does it’s always for some strange reason, but I guess when you’re known for doing one specific thing, any press can’t be as bad as what originally made her famous.

This time, history’s most well-known White House intern was in Israel because she’s a social media activist against cyber bullying because…apparently, that’s a thing.

Well, Ms. Lewinsky had given a talk about her cause and was about to hold a question and answer session.  But they didn’t get very far behind Lewinsky had decided she’d had enough.

Lewinsky had just sat down with the journalist when an “off limits” question about former President Clinton was asked.

Lewinsky didn’t appreciate it, put down the microphone and took off.

Check out her disappearing act below:

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