Levi’s joins forces with anti-gun group


Famous denim makers Levi Strauss has entered the gun control debate. CEO Chip Bergh wrote in Fortune that the company “simply cannot stand by silently when it comes to issues that threaten the very fabric of the communities where we live and work.”

“You may wonder why a company that doesn’t manufacture or sell guns is wading into this issue, but for us, it’s simple,” Bergh wrote. “Americans shouldn’t have to live in fear of gun violence. It’s an issue that affects all of us — all generations and all walks of life.”

According to The Hill, Levi Strauss is implementing a three step process to help combat gun violence. To do so, they will team up with Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety. And they will also donate $1 million dollars to “nonprofits and youth activists that work to end gun violence, establishing the ‘Safer Tomorrow Fund’.” Any employee contribution to the fund will be doubled by the corporation.

Levi Strauss is no stranger to anti-gun policies – back in 2016, Bergh asked that store patrons not bring their firearms into any of their stores, including those in states where it’s permitted by law.

He also said “I’m not here to suggest we repeal the Second Amendment or to suggest that gun owners aren’t responsible. In fact, as a former U.S. Army officer, I took a solemn oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. But as retired four-star general Michael Hayden once said, “There are some weapons out there that frankly nobody should have access to. And actually, there are some people out there who should never have access to any weapons.”

Gun control advocates were excited for the denim company to join their ranks; 2A supporters not so much.


We’ll probably be seeing conservatives use their 504’s as rags pretty soon.

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