‘Cosby’ actor responds to photos, job shaming: ‘Every job is worthwhile’

Over the weekend, a bit of a controversy popped about work. It had to do with an article and photos that were published on FoxNews.com. 

In the article, it makes the point that Geoffrey Owens, who was an actor on the iconic “Cosby Show,” was spotted bagging groceries at Trader Joe’s. It also includes this:

“I pulled up a site on the Internet to look at a picture of him and said, ‘That is him. I have never seen him at Trader Joe’s before. I was getting a bunch of groceries and he wasn’t really looking at anybody, but he said, ‘Have a nice day.'”

It’s kind of unbelievable that this article was even written in the first place. Why does it matter where the man works? Do people enjoy seeing people fall from heights so badly that this was a necessary article?

The fact that such an article was on FoxNews.com is unreal, it’s of the subject matter and tone of something more likely to bee seen on TMZ or some other kind of trash celebrity site.  But as social media is prone to do, there was massive backlash to the article.

I mean, work is work, right. Putting food on the table is what it’s all about, regardless of how it gets there, granted that it’s not by an illegal means.

Anyway, Geoffrey Owens went on Good Morning America Tuesday morning to discuss the article, the social media backlash and the value of work.

Check out his take on the controversy:

Following the controversy, and as one would expect, Owens has already had a major job offer from none other than actor, writer, director Tyler Perry.


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