Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey names John McCain’s successor

We now know who will finish out late Sen. John McCain’s term in Congress: former Arizona Senator John Kyl.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey made the announcement Tuesday afternoon. Kyl is expected to get started as soon as possible, with the possibility of him being sworn into office Tuesday evening.

During the announcement Kyl said the following: “I’m accepting this appointment to fill the seat vacated by the passing of my dear friend because of my sense of duty to the state I love, and the institution of the Senate which I served for 18 years, and because the governor asked for my help.”

While Kyl will assume McCain’s seat in the Senate, it’s unclear how long he will serve in the seat, only saying that he will stay through January.

Prior to Tuesday’s announcement, there was scant speculation that Cindy McCain would be named as her late husband’s successor in the Senate.


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