Bridezilla much? Woman upset guests wouldn’t shell out $1,500 to attend wedding, she call it off

Weddings are special occasions. Friends, family and sometimes, even workplace acquaintances come together to celebrate and recognize love.

Except for the whole dressing up thing, what’s not to love about weddings? You’re served free food, there’s cake and it usually all it costs you is a Saturday afternoon/evening and card with a monetary gift enclosed. But for to attend one woman’s who was hoping to tie the knot, the cost of attending her nuptials was a tad more expensive.

One woman is simply being identified as “Susan” wanted her guests to shell out $1,500 to attend her wedding. It was her misguided attempt to outsource the cost of her wedding and honeymoon – at a grand total of $60,000.

However, when her guests balked at the outrageous admission cost, Susan went major bridezilla, posting an epic rant on Facebook in which she called her friends and family nearly every four-letter word you can imagine.

In her post, she says that she “only asked each guest for $1,500.” Her maid of honor, as she mentions offered to chip in at $5,000 and her ex-fiancee’s family offer to kick in $3,000. Despite her maid of honor’s generous offer of five grand, the woman, later in her post refers to her as her “c**t maid of honor.”

In the end things didn’t work out for the woman, as she called off the wedding and broke up with her man.

While the entitled young woman, with the vocabulary of a rapper and the ego of Donald Trump, didn’t end up getting married, I think most people are forgetting about the man in this story.

Talk about dodging a bullet. But then again, it makes you wonder who would try to hitch their wagon to someone this insane and entitled.

If you want to view Susan’s insane social media post, click here. 


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