Trailer: ‘The Front Runner,’ Hugh Jackman plays Democratic senator, presidential candidate Gary Hart

Gary Hart, a former Democratic senator from Colorado, ran for president in 1988. Hart, who was a front-runner for the nomination, ran into trouble after hit came out about his extramarital affair. Then things started to turn south for Hart, his campaign and his presidential aspirations. Heck, today, you’re likely to get a sideways glance from voters, if you run for office and haven’t had an extramarital affair.

Regardless, Hugh Jackman plays the troubled senator in ‘the new film The Front Runner.’ The trailer, for the sure-to-recieve-Oscar-buzz film, was released Thursday.

In addition to Wolverine in the lead, the film boasts an all-star cast.

The film hits theaters Nov. 21.

Check out the trailer below:


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