Swearing in Myrtle Beach could get you fined, land you in jail

Have a bit of a potty mouth? Well, I suggest avoiding Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Saying any number of four-letter words could send you to the slammer or at least end in a hefty fine.

Profanity is considered against the city’s disorderly conduct ordinance , an offense against the public peace.

Check this out:


By making, uttering or directing toward another person any lewd, obscene or profane or libelous expletive or epithets or “fighting” words, which as a matter of common knowledge, when addressed to the ordinary citizen are inherently likely to provoke violent reactions, including but not limited to calls, threats and invitations to immediately engage in physical violence, fisticuffs, duel or personal combat;

If you think this is just some old, outdated law that the city put on the books hundreds of years ago, but just to forgot to remove and don’t enforce, think again. The city made a ridiculously crazy $22,000 issuing 289 profane language citations last year.

This is just an insane and absurd example of government gone wild. Government is actually monitoring what we say and this isn’t coming from liberal waste lands New York City or Los Angeles, this is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Who in the world is protecting? Who is an ordinance like this protecting?  To think government is monitoring and fining us for our speech is unbelievable.

This thing is total and complete F****** b*******. It’s a d**** joke, bunch of a*******!


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